Mango Coffee Tables

If you're looking for something a little different, solid mango wood coffee tables can be an excellent choice. Mango wood is a dense hardwood which is renowned for its highly variegated and pronounced grain pattern. Characterised by brown, yellow and even slightly greenish hues, a mango wood coffee table will command pride of place in contemporary and traditional homes alike. Often complemented by modern coffee table designs which focus on clean-cut lines, mango wood coffee tables can blend well with a variety of interior settings.

There are also many types of finishes to choose from - you can choose mango wood coffee tables with a natural finish, a dark stained finish or even a teak oil finish for a wonderful reddish hue. Begin your search for the perfect mango coffee table by taking a look at the Baku Light Solid Mango Coffee Table. It's made from premium grade solid mango wood by skilled joiners, with a handy rack for magazines and newspapers.


Mango Coffee Tables

Featured solid hardwood mango coffee tables.

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