Mahogany Coffee Tables

Solid Mahogany Coffee Tables can add an instant sense of class and opulence to a room. Well suited to more traditionally styled homes, they are typically characterised by grand design features such as flared cornices and antiqued handles. That's not to say that a solid mahogany coffee table won't sit well within a modern household. The warm reddish-brown hues of mahogany can complement a variety of different wood types; meaning you can mix and match throughout your home.

Renowned for its strength and exceptionally durability, mahogany has been popular since the 18th century and remains very much in vogue today. The natural lustre of mahogany coffee tables can be easily maintained by applying a dark wax polish every three months. This nourishes the timbers by ensuring a long-lasting, protective seal which locks in moisture and nutrients. To begin your search for a quality solid mahogany coffee table, why not take a look at the Louis Philippe Solid Mahogany 4 Drawer Coffee Table?