Coffee Table History

In Europe, it is believed that the first tables which were specifically designed to be used as coffee tables (and to be called coffee tables) were made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Before that time, there were a variety of names for the small tables used beside chairs - from 'occasional tables', 'centre tables', 'end table' and 'tea tables'.

In 1938, Joseph Aronson defines a coffee table as: 'a low wide table now used before a sofa or couch'. Considering they serve such a simple purpose, it's amazing how many different styles and designs of coffee tables are available. Also, when choosing a coffee table for your home, it's very important to consider the material it is made from. Solid oak coffee tables, mango wood coffee tables and mahogany coffee tables are thought to be the most durable; take a look at the individual categories for more information.